Best Hanging Bird Feeders

Hanging bird feeders are one of the best and most common types of feeder to frequent most people’s gardens. They are versatile and come in many different designs. As they suggest hanging bird feeders will need to be hung somewhere in your garden. Depending on the type you buy you may have a few options in the way you do this. Some small light weight feeders can just be hung from a tree branch with no hassle. Others may need something a little stronger like a metal hook or bracket. This can be fastened to something sturdy like your house,shed or garage. With this you will need to make sure the bracketstretches far enough out so that the feeder can swing freely. The last option is to also purchase a stand; these are places in or on the grand. There will be a central pole with one ormultiple arm hooks attach. From these hooks you will be able to hang your feeders. In this review we will take a look at different hanging brid feeders which suit all of the different hanging options.

Top 5 Hanging Bird Feeders

Hanging Lantern Bird Seed & Nut Feeder

Average User Rating for the Hanging Lantern Bird Seed & Nut Feeder

(4.1 / 5)

The Hanging Lantern Bird Seed & Nut Feeder by Garland is a great and very affordable option. It’s made from very durable plastics that should last for several years as long as it’s maintained properly. It has a perch which extends 360 degrees around the feeder. Seeds and nuts is the feed best suited for this.


  • The top swivels for easy cleaning and refilling
  • The roof around the top ensures the feed stays dry from the rain
  • A 360 degree perch makes feeding easy for birds
  • Durable plastic gives this feeder longevity


  • This feeder is available at an extremely affordable price, giving the opsion to buy muliple to dot around your garden.
  • The 360 degree perch allows for several birds to feed simultaneously. It’s also nice to not have to worry about single perches as well.
  • It’s flexible in terms of the types of seeds and nuts you can fill it with.
  • Re-fills are very easy thanks to the swivel top.


  • Re-fills are very easy thanks to the swivel top.

For the price, you can’t get much better than this feeder. It’s compact, minimal, and get’s the job done perfectly.

Swing Seat Bird Feeder

Average User Rating for the Swing Seat Bird Feeder

(4.5 / 5)

The Swing Seat Bird Feeder by Wildlife World was made to look just like a swing seat. It’s an adorable design that is constructed from recycled plastic material that is textured to mimic the appearance of wood. This can hang delightfully from a tree and wouldn’t look out of place. It is small in design so will only really accommodate smaller breads of birds. It is table like meaning the feed rests in the seat part of the feeder, the feed is not enclosed.


  • The main feature is the swing seat chair design is that it has an undeniably charming look
  • Because of its open design, it makes emptying and refilling effortless.
  • This feeder is made from recycled plastic composite material
  • The hanging rope is also made from natural materials
  • 170mm height, 230mm width, 155mm length


  • The design is very cute and would be a lovely new decoration and feeding spot for the birds in your garden,
  • If you’re fond of recycling and recycled products, you would be very pleased with this hanging bird feeder
  • It’s extremely easy to refill and clean this bird feeder because of its open design
  • You can place any type of feed you like on the feeding seat


  • Unfortunately, this feeder doesn’t have a cover to keep seeds, nuts, and feed from getting wet

The Swing Seat Bird Feeder is a fan favourite because of its design and more importantly because of how successful it is with birds. To keep it simple, you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Gardman Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

Average User Rating for the Gardman Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

(4.6 / 5)

This is a unique bird feeder which has a round shape. This feeder can not only be used to feed wild birds but you can also use it for any pet birds. It has a beautiful design and frame. Also, the feeder is big enough to accommodate at least 3 to 4 birds. The feeder can be installed easily with the help of the suctions. The feeder is also made fully waterproof so that the bird seeds stay dry and fresh.


  • The feeder comes with a 7.9 inch pipe and drain holes to prevent the seeds from getting wet.
  • The feeder can be easily installed with the help of the suction cups.
  • This feeder doesn’t just have to be used outside your window. It is a multi-occasion bird feeder.
  • The feeder is also light in weight and is very durable. Also, it can support weights of up to 8 kilos.
  • The dimensions of the product are 20.1 x 12.2 x 20.1 cm.
  • The weight of the product is 581 gm.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Made fully waterproof to protect birdfeed.
  • It can support up to 8 kilos and 3 to 4 big birds.
  • The feeder is very stylish.


  • The suction cups of the feeder may not be strong enough to take the full weight.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a multiple-occasion bird feeder then this is the option for you. The feeder is not only stylish but it is also very durable. Thus, it can be said that it gives you full value for money.

Kingfisher Hanging Bird Table

Average User Rating for the Kingfisher Hanging Bird Table

(3.8 / 5)

This is a basic hanging bird table that gets straight to the point. It features a wooden build with a feeding table and roof to keep feeding birds sheltered. Hanging this feeder is made easy with a cord. One of the best things about this feeder is its simple yet attractive design.


  • This feeder features a splendid house design with feeding platform
  • Made from natural wood material
  • It has a cord from which the feeder can be easily hung
  • A roof cover stops birds and feed from getting wet in the rain.


  • Its house design makes it a great garden decor item
  • Since it’s a small build, it helps keep away unwanted larger birds
  • Re-filling and cleaning is easy thanks to its open design


  • You will need to assemble this bird feeder yourself, which will require tools.

For the price and simplicity, this is a great bird table. It allows for any type of bird feed.

Gardman Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Station

Average User Rating for the Gardman Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Station

(4 / 5)

Feed your garden friends using something simple, yet effective. While the Gardmand Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Station doesn’t feature as much of a cutesy design, it does have a bird bath. Birds can feed and take a quick bath in your garden when you have one of these hanging around.


  • Decorative hook for hanging
  • Clip in bird bath
  • Micromesh tray for feeding
  • Metal structure with plastic holders


  • You get a bird bath included with this feeder, which will help birds get more than feeding done on their visit to your garden
  • The design is extremely simple and straight-forward
  • Cleaning and maintaining this bird feeding tray is very easy


  • Its design is lacking style. It’s extremely minimal and won’t be much of a decorative piece in your yard.

If you have a small yard and want to include a bird bath in a smart way, then you have to try this hanging bird feeder out.

Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table

Average User Rating for the Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table

(4.4 / 5)

The Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table is a cute and quaint addition to your garden. You’ll most likely notice the lattice wood, distressed finish, and the copper roof at first glance. Wildlife World has worked hard to ensure their bird feeders are made from timber that is naturally durable, eliminating the need for chemical preservatives.


  • An attractive design with lattice wood patterns, arches, and a roof
  • Natural rope to hang the feeder from
  • The build is handmade and constructed from solid timber without chemical preservatives
  • This feeder is colored only with water-based stains and paints
  • You can leave this birdhouse out throughout the entire year
  • Cleaning & maintenance was made to be easy with a detachable side-panel
  • The feeding tray is made from recycled plastic
  • Its size and construction allows only smaller, preferable birds to feed on it
  • You can use any type of bird feed you please


  • The design is rustic and attractive, making it the perfect backyard decoration
  • A copper roof ensures that bird feed is kept dry
  • Because of the way the house is designed, it keeps bigger, unwanted birds like crows, seagulls, pigeons away
  • It’s easy to clean thanks to the sliding, detachable side-panel
  • Place your favorite bird feed on this table with no problems


  • You will need to make sure to paint this feeder annually if you want to keep it looking good
  • It should be taken into consideration to hang this bird feeder where it can be mostly covered to prevent rain damage

If you really want a nice little bird table that looks good and attracts birds, then you’ll get that with the Wildlife World Bempton Bird Table.

That completes our list of the 6 best hanging bird feeders currently on the market. We’ve taken into consideration quality, aesthetic, build, and durability. Always remember that birds care about their hygiene, so you’ll need to regularly clean and maintain your bird feeders in order to ensure birds will feed on them. As long as you do that, you should have a great time watching the birds feed in your garden.