Best Tube Bird Feeders

When looking for a bird feeder, the tube bird feeder is a great option. They have great functionality and are extremely easy to use. Price wise, these types of feeder are generally very affordable due to the easy design and materials used to make them. Tube bird feeders are mainly designed for smaller breads of bird due to their shape. They are mostly long and thin, with small places for birds to perch whilst they feed. This can be good if you aren’t looking to feed the larger birds which can often frighten away smaller birds. The tube feeder is a great first time bird feeder option. If you are feeding birds for the first time in your garden and don’t want to start with anything to fancy or expensive, then a tube bird feeder is the one for you.

Top 5 Tube Bird Feeders

Opus Blue Metal Tube Bird Feeder

Average User Rating for the Opus Blue Metal Tube Bird Feeder

(3.6 / 5)

Opus created the Blue Metal Tube Bird Feeder for its ease of use. You may have already noticed it has an attractive blue colour that makes it stand out among the trees and greenery. This is perfect for helping entice birds to eat at your feeder. Many people praise this bird feeder for being durable in extreme weather as well as strong against bird’s beaks.


  • The seed / feed capacity is up to 1 pound / 0.45 kg.
  • It is recommended to fill this feeder with mixed seeds and sunflower seeds.
  • There are 6 feeding ports for birds to eat from.
  • Feeding ports are removable for cleaning.
  • Even though the feeder is made of metal, the container is coated with powder to prevent rusting.
  • It has a small roof to shelter the birds.
  • A hanger is built in to help keep the feeding tube secure.
  • The feeder has an attractive bright blue colour.


  • Perfectly made for all sorts of seeds.
  • 6 feeding ports allow enough space for several birds to feed simultaneously.
  • Removable ports make for easy cleaning.
  • The roof protects the seeds from getting wet in the rain.
  • A durable design which is good for withstanding weather and pecking birds.
  • The bright blue colour is a fan favorite because as it creates a stand out feature in the garden.
  • You don’t have to worry about rusting.


  • The feeder isn’t built to prevent squirrels from getting into the bird food.

Overall, the Opus Blue Metal Tube Feeder is a great and affordable option. It should last you a long time, look good in your garden, and offers a lot of space for birds to feed.

Opus Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder with Copper Finish

Average User Rating for the Opus Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder with Copper Finish

(3.2 / 5)

The Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder with Copper Finish offers a seductive design that allows you to easily see how much feed is left. The feeder features a sleek style that allows a variety of different bird foods to be served. Feel at ease with shatter free plastic and enjoy the elegance the copper finishingadds to this feeder. With a large 1.6 kg capacity, you don’t need to fill this tube bird feeder as often as other feeders.


  • Large, 1.6 kg capacity.
  • Bird perches are expandable to suit a variety of bird sizes.
  • 8 feeding ports are included for several birds to eat from.
  • Ports can be rotated for adjustment in order to serve different types of bird feed with ease.
  • The top opening features a wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling.
  • A clear feeding container allows you to easily check on how much feed is left.
  • Shatter-resistant plastic makes this tube bird feeder extremely durable.
  • Copper finishing and the sleek shape add decorative touches to the feeder.


  • A large capacity feeding container means fewer refills.
  • The expanding perches can accommodate the size of your favorite bird species as well as keep away larger birds that are not welcome.
  • It’s easy to tell when you need to refill the feeder.
  • The plastic used to make the feeder is shatter-resistant, meaning it can endure nature, birds, or even a fall from high up.
  • A smooth design and copper finish makes this bird feeder a beautiful piece to any garden or yard.


  • The copper finishing has not been cured or finished to prevent rusting.

If you live in a place that doesn’t rain too often or you can find a place that doesn’t get wet to hang up this feeder, then you should definitely give the Opus Select-A-Bird Tube Feeder with Copper Finish. It offers versatility and can hold a lot of bird feed.

Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder

Average User Rating for the Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder

(3.4 / 5)

Another very affordable option on this list is the Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder. A metal and polycarbonate structure makes for a durable feeder. It’s a basic and simple design that has been reported to have a lot of success with birds, even shortly after mounting. The feeding tube is large and can carry a large amount of feed to help limit refills.


  • Lid, base, perches, hanger, and feeding ports are all made of metal.
  • The tube is made from a hard plastic substance, also known as polycarbonate.
  • The base has a built in clip-release function for refills and emptying.
  • A slanted bottom helps to encourage feed and seeds to emerge from the feeding ports.
  • Peckish have made the feeder to work with Nyger Seed.
  • The feeder capacity is approximately 500 grams.


  • The metal and polycarbonate design make this feeder extremely sturdy and able to deal with all types of weather and birds.
  • A clear tube feeder allows you to easily see how much bird feed is left.
  • The bottom clip-release feature makes it easy to refill, empty, as well as clean.
  • Many people have reported a lot of success with birds with this feeder, meaning you probably will too.


  • Since Peckish suggests only to useNyger Seed, that limits the types of bird feed you can put in this tube bird feeder.

For the most part, if you want a tube bird feeder that’s strong and easy to use, the Peckish All Weather Seed Feeder works great. Just make sure to stock up on Nyger Seed and enjoy.

Penn-Plax Medium, Seed or Water Bird Fountain

Average User Rating for the Penn-Plax Medium, Seed or Water Bird Fountain

(3.7 / 5)

The Penn-Plax Medium Seed or Water Bird Fountain is the most affordable option on our list. If you just want something that’s quite basic or you want a water fountain to accompany one of the seeders we mention in this list, this Penn-Plax can get the job done at very little cost. You can easily see the amount of food or water inside with its extremely basic design.


  • Being completely transparent throughout the feeding tube, it’s easy to tell when the feeder needs to be re-filled.
  • There’s a clip that can attach the feeder to a metal wire anywhere around your garden.
  • This feeder is 6.25 inches tall and is lightweight so it can be moved around easily.


  • It is made very clear as to when the feeder needs more food or water.
  • The diversity of being able to also use this as a water dispenser makes it a good addition to your bird feeder collection.
  • Its size makes it nice for small birds to eat and drink from.
  • This feeder / water fountain is extremely affordable.


  • This feeder is small and you may have a hard time finding a good place to put it in your garden.

With the Penn-Plax, Medium Seed or Water Bird Fountain, you’re really getting what you’re paying for. It’s small, isn’t that durable, and is actually meant for bird cages. On the plus side, it’s a fairly inexpensive item and could potentially be a great place for birds to feed or hydrate in your garden.

Opus 10-inch Sunflower Seed and Peanut Wild Bird Feeder

Average User Rating for the Opus 10-inch Sunflower Seed and Peanut Wild Bird Feeder

(3.3 / 5)

The Opus 10-inch Sunflower Seed and Peanut Wild Bird Feeder is a lovely option that doesn’t care about the frills. You don’t need to worry about bird perches for birds to stand on as they feed. Thanks to the perforation around this metal tube bird feeder, many birds can feed at once and squirrels aren’t able to cause damage.


  • Approximately 550 grams of feed capacity.
  • This bird feeder is ideal for peanuts and sunflower seeds.
  • The feed chamber is a fully perforated, durable metal tube.
  • Perforations allow for a lot of birds to feed at a time.
  • It’s a very simple feeder that has been said to be very effective in the customer reviews.


  • The design is super simple and doesn’t require much maintenance. Just a cleaning once every two weeks.
  • Birds don’t have to rely on perches to feed.
  • The perforations are one of the most economical methods for feeding a multitude of birds at once.
  • Being made of metal, it’s very durable and is likely to last a long time.


  • While the perforations are a plus, you need to make sure the feed you use is the correct size so as not to easily fall through the holes.

All in all, the Opus 10-Inch Sunflower Seed and Peanut Wild Bird Feeder is a bird feeder that can seamlessly match any garden thanks to its simple design. It’s not worried about being fancy and can feed the wild birds in your garden easily.

Roamwild Pest (Squirrel) Proof Wild Bird Feeder

Average User Rating for the Roamwild Pest (Squirrel) Proof Wild Bird Feeder

(4 / 5)

The best thing about the Roamwild Pest Proof Wild Bird Feeder is that it’s made to be squirrel proof. Now you don’t have to worry about the squirrels stealing your bird feed. Larger birds that you may not want around are also not able to feed on this feeder. It features a design that looks similar to an oil lamp, which makes it a charming addition to any garden. Proudly designed in the UK, this is the best bird feeder on this list in terms of quality and the fact that it’s “pest proof”.


  • You get a RoamwildPestOff Warranty, giving you a money back guaranteed if you’re not satisfied.
  • This feeder is capable of storing all types of feed.
  • Squirrels, rats, and larger birds are denied easy access on the feeder thanks to the spring-loaded perch hatch that moves downwards for heavier creatures.
  • There are two feeding ports.
  • A weather roof-like protection guard above the feeder is placed to prevent rain from getting the bird feed wet.
  • Parts can be separated for easy cleaning and re-filling.
  • 1.5-liter capacity.
  • Stainless steel seed port plates prevent damage from pecking or chewing.
  • A lip is placed to prevent spilling so birds can’t knock seeds out.
  • Plastic on the feeder is UV stabilized, making it extremely durable to sunlight.


  • You can rest assured that only songbirds are being fed from this feeder. Also, your feed isn’t being wasted on pests.
  • The build is durable and is even backed with a RoamwildPestOff Guarantee.
  • You get a very large capacity with 1.5 liters, making for fewer refills.
  • Bird feed can easily stay fresh in this feeder.
  • It’s a very high quality product, making it worth the price tag.
  • You don’t need to worry about what type of bird feed you buy for this feeder.


  • Some people have reported that pests can eventually learn how to get food out of this feeder.

If you want quality and you don’t want to feed the squirrels, then the Roamwild Pest Proof Bird Feeder can provide that for you. The best thing about the product is its guarantee, so if you’re disappointed you can get your money back. There are many great features available with this bird feeder and for a great price.

Here is where we end our tube bird feeder reviews and where you decide which one is best for your garden. Think about the location you live in and the types of birds that visit you garden. Always read the manual of the feeder you buy to ensure the right feed is used to prevent clogging or your feed being wasted. Most importantly, make sure to regularly clean your bird feeder, approximately one to two times per month, to prevent it from getting too dirty and so birds don’t start avoiding it.