Bird-proofing your windows

You may have, in your life time,witnessed the unfortunate event of a bird flying into a window. The staggering figures show that potentially millions of birds are stunned, injured or even killed when making contact with a window. Not only birds, but other wild animals, our beloved domestic pets and even a few humans can fall prey to this fateful act.

It is clear that birds do notunderstand the concept of glass, and have trouble seeing it at the best of times. This is made only too obvious from the frequency in which they end upthudding into our windows. This can often occur when hurriedly fleeing from predators.


Window decals are an effective and easily applied solution. These self-adhesive decals were developed to help poor unsuspecting birds identify windows. By placing the decals on the windows, either inside or out, the bird will be able to notice the obstruction and steer clear. Placing them on the outside of the window improves their visibility to the birds regardless of the angle of the sun, but those on the inside will last longer. They come in different designs but most popular are the bird silhouettes. These will be instantly noticeable when looking through your windows. However, after a few days you will hardly even notice them. But you notice the decrease in birds flying head first into your windows, therefore will be worth it.
The ones below are the standard black and white decals. They are the first to be developed but have proved very effective.

4 Beautiful Humming Bird Static Cling Window Stickers

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(4.3 / 5)

There is also a newer version on the market which takes the idea a step further. The new design reflects ultraviolet ray. The premise on the decal is the same; however it makes the decal almost invisible to the human eye, but is highly visible to birds. These eliminate the problem of having the decals obstructing your view from your windows, but are still as effective. The below are the current best on the market.

Window Alert Maple Leaf Decals

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(5 / 5)

Jacobi Jayne Butterfly Window Alert, Transparent

Average User Rating for the Jacobi Jayne Butterfly Window Alert

(4 / 5)

Alternative Solutions

If having various pictured decals stuck to your windows is not an option for you, why not try a different approach. A simple option such as closing curtains, blinds or shades can help highlight the visibility of the window.
If you are looking to encourage birds to your garden and have put out feeders, bird baths, nesting boxes and so on; their location could be the problem. When choosing to take off, the reflective surface of the window can be confusing. Changing the part of your garden that the bird items are located may be a simple yet effective solution. Take a little time to test out a few areas of the garden to get the best results.
Putting deterrents in front of or around the window is a good option and can also add additional attractive features to your garden. Birds will avoid anything that is seen to be a threat. Things that move or make any kinds of noise will deter birds from that area. Wind chimes, animal ornaments or shiny reflective charms should see positive results.
By choosing to use any of these solutions, the birds will be very grateful for you helping them avoid the dreaded window.